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We Take Good Brands To Great Heights

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Are you ready to accelerate your brand?

We work with growing and concept proven CPG brands with big potential that bring meaningful value to their segment and distribution channels. We take their brands from small and struggling to scaling, growing and prepared for a major equity infusion.

Is your business ready to scale and you  just need the support and process to make it happen? Let us help you overcome challenges and accelerate your CPG business to the next level.

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Industry experience … Senior leadership … Valued connections

Our senior-level leaders have the knowledge, skills and experience to help companies successfully grow their businesses and raise capital. We know from experience how to create a sustainable competitive advantage, achieve significant volume growth and develop a solid base for financial reporting in preparation for fundraising.

We didn’t find success alone and neither will you. Contact us today to learn how we can help you grow your business.

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Peak Performance Acceleration Program

Designed by CPG industry veterans, our Peak Performance Business Accelerator Program consists of three 6-month focus periods designed to level-up business functions and prepare for investment.


The program includes shared resources and "plug-in" infrastructure to support and evolve your finance, operations, customer service, and planning processes. Companies who complete our program get the advantage they need to compete with the best brands in the world, build revenue and attract investors.

Let us start you on a path to greater success.  

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